Gender Concepts: pt 2 (4/34)

In 4/34, a very famous verse, we see the use of rijal and nisaa as a pair. Rijaal are said to be ‘qawwamoon 3ala’ nisaa. Qawwamoon with the middle shadda here shows that they are those who will establish the nisaa due to their preferredness for wealth and spending thereof.

Out of this trust, then nisa must be looking out for the betterment of their rijal (sulh), they must be focussed (qunoot) and protecting over the unseen (hafizatu lil ghaib).

However, if you (the mumineen since the passage starts with 4/29 to mumineen) fear their rebellion, give them advice, seperate them from the intimate places or seperate them altogether.

So it looks like the nisa are people new to the organisation of believers. 4/35 later will confirm this.

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  1. K-Dawg says:

    This website has good analysis of this verse

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