Momentous Events: Pt 4 (Ch 3 and 4)

Thanks to Qamar who found these two verses on ETS in Ch. 3. I completely missed these two myself but managed to find them in Ch 4 (after completely doubting my earlier opinion that Ch 4 lacked any references to ETS). Anyhow, here are ch 3&4:

3/106-107: A day where some faces will be whitened and others darkened. Those whitened will be with the rahmah of Allah and in that rahmah they are to dwell forever.

4:30: Soon Allah will cast them into fire

55: Hell/jahannam is a burning fire

56: Fire burning skins

57: Jannah tajri min tahti al-anhar, khalideen feeha abada(gardens under which rivers flow, they are dwellers in it forever)

169: Except the way to jahannam, khalideen feeha abada

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