Ch 1 Vs 1-6 (The Reflection of Yawm Ad-deen)

Yesterday, we looked at Vs 1-3 as the peak of the system, (yawm ad-deen, the period in which ad-deen is fully in place). This is reflected back to the rahmaniya/raheemiya aspects of Allah. In the future, I hope to study this phrase further as I believe it is a key to understanding Quran.

Today, we will look at Vs 4-6 which I think its the human reflection of the ideal state of Vs 1-3. Vs 4-6 reads:

إِيَّاكَ نَعْبُدُ وَإِيَّاكَ نَسْتَعِينُ 
Ok so vs 4 shows the focus (iyyaka – to your alone) is on Allah. We are to focus collectively (it’s ‘we’ not ‘I’ worship) on Allah. This is a reflection of yawm ad-deen appears. We to also seek the optimum performance (ista3an – nasta3in) is also realised at this point. We are reaping the rewards of God’s system. This is our ideal state! 

اهْدِنَا الصِّرَاطَ الْمُسْتَقِيمَI believe this is an exclamation (ihdina! – guide us!) because this ideal state which generates great emotion and the way to get there is the straight and establishing path, the (الصِّرَاطَ الْمُسْتَقِيمَ ).

صِرَاطَ الَّذِينَ أَنْعَمْتَ عَلَيْهِمْ غَيْرِ الْمَغْضُوبِ عَلَيْهِمْ وَلا الضَّالِّينَ
This straight path is the one with Allah’s blessings or bounties. The word ‘alaihim’ (on them) rather than alaina (on us) shows that we are observing something which hasn’t happened to us yes. This is the path which precludes God’s anger and not the path of the misguided. These two characteristics must be looked at to get a proper feel of this straight path.
So these are our steps to get to yawm ad-deen: to serve God alone, be optimised by Him and to seek the straight and establishing path.

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4 Responses to Ch 1 Vs 1-6 (The Reflection of Yawm Ad-deen)

  1. M. Arif Saeed says:

    I agree that the concepts of “maghdoob” and “Dhaaleen” need to be studies in depth to understand the the neaning of the “straight path/siraatul mustaqeem”. However, “Siraatul Mustaqeem” has been independently and clearly defined in the Quran itself in Ch 6: V:150 to 153. The exact components of Siraatul Mustaqeem have been explained in the said verses, and interestingly there is no mention of Salat, Zakah, Saum and Hajj in these verses. So, at an individual level the minimum requirements for a believer to be on the straight path are set out beautifully.

    • That’s right , Arif bhai. Siraatul mustaqeem is very general and I believe universal for all mankind. May I also suggest you please read 6/154-155 straight after 6/151-153 as it shows that Allah gave musa al-kitab fully straight after this and it is the same with the Quran.

  2. Tawnee says:

    I am very very much a beginner but I have “studied” Quran up to this point through tafsir and this is the first time I have been beckoned and invited to engage with the text with my own mind and heart and seeking to find connection and understanding deep in the heart. Not through someone else’s mind or experiential point of view. Thank you for publishing this for all to engage with!

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