Chapter Twins: 2 (Al-Baqarah) and 3 (Aali Imran)

-both start with alif laam meem (only chapters 29,30,31 and 32 do as well)
– Ch 2 starts with falah/growth (2/5) and Ch 3 ends with it (3/200).
– Ch 2 has a focus on musa (2/47-103) dan Ch 3 has a focus on isa (3/34-63)
– Both chapters mention ibrahim with regards to the house (2/124-131) and (3/95-97)
– Ch 2 is heavy on imaan and Ch 3 is heavy on islam.
– Ch 2 focusses on bani israil (movement phase) and Ch 3 on ahl al-kitab (polity phase)
– Both end with a series of calls to those who have believed:
Ch 2 starts with 2/172
Ch 3 starts with 3/100


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