Chapter Breakdowns – 2 (Al-Baqarah)

1-20 : Preamble – process of questioning, focussing and enacting and its rejection. This leads to mischief on earth.

21-39 : Call to the People –  where he is in the world, his
relationship with God.

  • 30-39: Adam is mentioned showing his fall from grace.

40-46 : Call to bani israil – summary of instructions

47-103: Call to bani israil  – how to recover

  • 47-48: the opening of the passage, mentioning the ascension and the primacy of the nafs
  • 49: mentioning bondage under Firaun
  • 50: mentioning deliverance from Firaun
  • 51-52: mentioning taking al-3ijl for worship
  • 53: mentioning Musa being given al-kitab wal-furqan
  • 54: mentioning Musa instructing BI to turn to Allah
  • 55-57: mentioning BI rejecting belief till they see Allah manifestly
  • 58-59: mentioning them entering a ‘town’
  • 60: mentioning Musa finding ‘water’ for them
  • 61-62: mentioning them unable to handle ‘one food’
  • 63-66: mentioning God taking their covenant
  • 67-71: mentioning the story of the baqarah
  • 72-82: mentioning the story of the nafs
  • 83: mentioning the law in essence
  • 84-92: mentioning the law from the angle of interpersonal relations
  • 93-103: Another angle to the covenant story. This time a bigger exposition from the angle of power.

104-121: Call to amanoo – to not be shepherded

122-152: Call to bani israil at their peak

153-167 : Call to believers -struggling in the way of God

168-171 : Call to the People, this time about consumption and shaitaan.

172-177 : Call to the amanoo, consumption and righteousness.

178-182 : Call to the amanoo – laws

183-207 : Call to the amanoo – our lifestyle, fasting, working, struggling in God’s way

208-253 : Call to the amanoo – the holistic nature of submission. Includes laws on alcohol, marriage, gambling, divorce

  • 243-253: The struggle of Bani Israil against jaloot and his forces

254-263 : Call to the amanoo – spending and its relationship with struggling

264-266 : Call to the amanoo  – metaphors on giving charity

267-277 : Call to the amanoo – Charity and ribaa

278-281 : Call to the amanoo – helping ppl out of ribaa

282-283 : Call to the amanoo – making contracts

284-286 : A summation of the mindset required to carry out this

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