Chapter Breakdowns – 3 (Aali Imran)

3/1-63: Preamble – talks about the system of islam. I feel verses 18-19 to be the centre of this passage.

  • 35-63: the story of Eesa. What if we link it back to 1-34?

3/64-69: Call to the ahl al-kitaab asking them about their challenge to ibrahim.

3/70: Call to the ahl al-kitab by itself (need to add this to the list of single-ayah passages I made earlier) asking them why they reject what they witness.

3/71-99: Call to the ahl al-kitabI never noticed before that 3/81-97 (a passage i studied intensely at one point – which in no way means i understood it) actually started from 3/71. This passage seems to talk about God’s foremost system and the nabi/prophets and messenger’s role in it.

3/100-101: Call to the amanoo about their relations to the alladhina ootu al kitaab.

3/102-117: Call to the amanoo and their role in the system. 103-104 is VERY crucial to get this.

3/118-129: Call to the amanoo with repect to hypocrites in the system

3/130-148: Call to the amanoo – economic oppression and spending in God’s way in relations to the system’s survival.

3/149-155: Call to the amanoo – the rejectors of this system and strategy in engaging them in conflict (it must be noted there that is this is a conflict between peacemakers and warmongers, not Muslims and non-Muslims)

3/156-199: Call to the amanoo – the ethos of the believer with respect to the system, to be totally committed to it.

3/200: Call to the amanoo  (another single-ayah passage) to emphasise the need for endurance (sabr), fortifying ourselves, being mindful of Allah (and here comes the most vital bit) so that you may be in falah/growth/success/development. I think this is the vital bit because this system is aimed towards something, its not an end in itself


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