Chapter Breakdowns – 4 (An-Nisaa)

4/1-18: Call to humankinds – social practices like looking after the orphans etc. Also social control and wealth distribution.

4/19-28: Call to amanoo – first call to believers where they are to take care of the unfortunate ones in society.

4/29-42:  Call to amanoo – trading with each other and its link to following the messenger

4/43-46: Call to amanoo –  this time to approaching salat which is their connection with Allah through social action.

4/47-58: Call to for those who are given the book. To believe in what’s being revealed. To establish justice.

4/59-70: Call to amanoo – the command structure of the believers. the messenger is taken as the judge and must be obeyed

4/71-93: Call to amanoo  – expeditionary strategy. Fighting in the way of liberation. Also talks about good and bad events.

4/94-134:Call to amanoo  -expeditions. includes establishing salat and obeying the messenger. Includes also marital relationships.

4/135: Call to amanoo – single verse passage. establishing justice

4/136-143: Call to amanoo belief, hypocrisy and treating the word of God poorly.

4/144- 169: Call to amanoo taking non-believers as allies. includes stories of quranic personalities.

4/170: Call to humanmankind again, the coming of the messenger

4/171-173: Call to ahl al-kitab, about the three and this is contrasted with simply believing and doing good.

4/174-175: to mankind, proof has come and they are told to hold fast to Allah

4/176: very strangely. it could be about ‘inheritance’

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