Chapter Breakdowns – 5 (Al-Maidah)

5/1 : Call to amanoo – single word passage: talks about getting a stable or constant blessing from Allah.

5/2-5: Call to amanoo – about the perfection of the system. What needs to be done, what are the signs and rewards.

5/6-7 : Call to amanoo – the preparations for salat and bringing about the ni’ma or blessings of Allah

5/8-10: Call to amanoo – talks about establishing justice.

5/11-14: Call to amanoo- bringing about the blessings in the context of bani israil. What happened to the nasara or helpers.

5/15-18 : Call to ahl al-kitab – the coming of the clear book. God guides all to the paths of peace. Once again , we got the personality of isa and yahood and nasara personalities.

5/19-34: Call to ahl al-kitab – again reminding them of the messenger. musa’s experience with his people and the two sons of adam.

5/35-40: Call to amanoo – seeking a means to Allah and contrast with the act of theft

5/41-50: Call to the messenger (first time) and his system. tawrat and injeel are mentioned here. these are the metaphysics of the system.

5/51-53: Call to amanoo  – these are ppl who are not totally into the system. not to take them as allies.

5/54-56: Call to amanoo – our real allies. once again vital to the system’s operations

5/57-66: Call to amanoo – their relationship to those who arent believers. also warmongers of the system

5/67-86:  Call to the messenger who instructs the yahood and nasara in the system.

5/87-89: Call to amanoo  – correct consumption for the believers

5/90-93: Call to amanoo – pitfalls for the believers

5/94: gods test in the matter of gains


5/101-104: Call to amanoo – the quran is centralised to keep it flexible for problem solving

5/105: Call to amanoo to guard their souls

5/106-108: Call to amanoo – inheritance laws (again)

5/109 : Yawm the messengers’ knowledge of their response

5/110-115: the maida to isa

5/116-120: the scenario of the isa answering on judgement day.

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