Ch 2 Vs 84-90 (The Second Covenant)

2/84-90 seems to be a rewording of 2/83 showing another angle to the covenant. 84 is essentially about not shedding blood (could be physical or even metaphorical blood showing effort) and removing the souls from their circles (perhaps places where they can evolve).

85 shows the rejection of this principle and thus accepting only part of this command (badhal kitab) and rejecting another part.

86 talks about the humilation the people who do that face.

87 seems a little strange at first, mentioning musa and isa. Perhaps they’re mentioned here because 2/83-86 sums up their mission which is to destroy oppression. bani israil however reject these messengers and neutralise them. It is like modern society rejecting those call them to stop exploitation.

88: Their philosophy is that our hearts are wrapped. This is equated to kufr. The hearts/qulub are centres of change and therefore kufr is resistance to change.

89: when a book or an ordainment or a system comes from the sight of Allah to them, even though it confirms their own philosophies, they will be unable to return to this.

90: baghyan (a desire for something, perhaps selfish motivations, the need to exploit) is what causes them to reject what was sent down by Allah.


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