On The So-Called Missing Bismillah

Edip:  The unveiling of the hidden meaning of the number 19 in chapter 74 (The Hidden one),  in year 1974, exactly 19×74 lunar years after the revelation of the Quran, yes this great discovery explained many Quranic verses, challenges, concepts, features and fulfilled many prophecies, such as the following:

3. Why chapter 9 has missing Bismillah and why chapter 27 has an extra one.

Farouk: In your presentation at the Muslim Institute, you emphasised the importance of epistemology  which is just a fancy word of determing what is knowledge exactly. Allow me to turn that question back to you:

How do you know it is a MISSING basmalah. In other words, how do u know at-tawba is an actual surah? Is it because:

a. The Traditionalists told you so?
b. There is some calligraphy between al-anfal and at-tauba?
c. You believe in a particular mushaf? If so, can you provide pictures of that mushaf so we can determine what that mushaf contains exactly.

In your book ’19: God’s Signature in Nature and Scripture’  pg 223, you mentioned the ‘perfect preservation’ of the Quran. Because it is ‘perfect’, it must therefore count every single word. Lets have a look the basmalah of 27/30:

Surely it is from Sulaiman, and surely it is in the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful;

This is not simply a basmalah! It is a basmalah contained within a bigger sentence. If you consider every word vital in the Quran (which I agree), why do you treat it as a simple basmalah? This shows ‘selective oversight’ on your part. You invoke precision when it suits you yet overlook it when it doesn’t.



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