Exercises – Chapter Recipe Exercise – Introduction

A chapter in Quran is the space between two basmalahs (the ‘bismillah ar-rahmaan ar-raheem formula). There are 113 such spaces in Quran. Think of these chapters like a recipe for a dish.

In every dish, we have a set of ingredients which, if mixed together in the right sequence and in the right proportion, would produce a handsome dish. A chapter of Quran is like this.

A chapter would have a set of words which are placed with great purpose. These words go on to remind us of what the chapter is about. Like cooking, there are ingredients which are quite common to every dish. Oil and salt for example, may be considered indispensible.

For this month’s exercise, try to find the words which are indispensable in Quranic thought. The most commonly used words. An example to start you off is the word ‘Allah’. What are the others?

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