Dialogues – Biblical Quranism – Quran and Other Scriptures Pt 3 (Was *musa* given The Torah?)

Traditionally, Moses was given the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Old Testament)  or also known as the Torah. Traditional Muslims consider that Moses was given At-Tauraat which they also translate as the Torah. This is evident from their translations as such Saheeh International where if you looked for Ch 2, Vs 87, you would find it saying:

And We did certainly give Moses the Torah and followed up after him with messengers.

We cannot see any footnotes explaining why they think ‘al-kitab’ (the Quranic word translated to ‘The Torah’ ) means ‘The Torah’. Al-kitab is literally ‘the book’.  It is only their understanding which projects such a translation.

Let us now consider the following. The word at-tauraat actually does appear in Quran, 18 times in fact. Why does Allah not actually use the word at-tauraat even once with *musa*? *musa* is said to be given ‘al-kitab’ a few times such as 2/53 , 32/23 and 2/87 but never once mentioned with at-tauraat.

This statement that *musa* was given al-kitab coheres with another statement (in Quran 2/213) that the nabiyeen (prophets in plural which would then include *musa*) were also given ‘al-kitab’ in singular.  If we were to assume that ‘al-kitab’ meant ‘at-tauraat’, the logically all prophets (including Muhammad) would be given at-tauraat or what is for them the Torah! This would not make any sense at all.

Rather, it is more tenable to assume that ‘al-kitab’ that is textually linked to *musa* refers to Allah’s unchanging writ or set of commands in the universe. Quran 41/43 confirms this by saying that:

Nothing is said to you, except what was already said to the messengers before you. Indeed, your Lord is a possessor of forgiveness and a possessor of painful penalty.

This statement is made after the 41/41-42 which is about the protection of ‘adh-dhikr’ (the oral , memorised aspect of Quran). Therefore Quran contains the sayings (what was said) of the messengers. Reading the very next verse (41/44) would show us the topic is still Quran itself as it speaks about the language of Quran.

So *musa* was never given at-tauraat. Who was the only Quranic personality given it then? In the next chapter, we will analyse who this was and through that analysis, come closer to knowing what is at-tauraat.

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  1. Rohail says:

    Exactly! Nice article 🙂

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