Exercises – Bouncing Chapter Exercise Pt 3

We have now looked at the two ‘Bouncing Chapter Exercises’ in the last two months. In this months Bouncing Chapter Exercise, we will look at bouncing chapters in terms of structure.

Chapter 2 (Al-Baqarah) is broken down into roughly 18 sections. These sections are grouped under two main calls to humankind (2/21 and 2/168). Under these two main calls, there are other calls. The call in 2/21 contains calls to *bani israil* and those who have believed. The call in 2/168 contains only calls to those those who have believed.

Chapter 3 (Aali Imraan) contains a universal story first, the story of *isa and maryam*. It then is followed by a series of calls to those who who have subscribed to this story (ahl al-kitaab). For the last 100 verses, it contains a series of seven calls to those who have believed.

Let us ponder these questions:

1. Why is Chapter 2 broken down into two separate calls to mankind (2/21 and 2/168)?

2. Why does Chapter 3 start with a story right after the preamble (3/35-64)?

3. Why does Ch 2 contain calls to *bani israil* while Ch 3 contain calls to ‘ahl al-kitab’?

4. Why do both these chapters have consecutive calls to believers, Ch 2 starting in Vs 172 and Ch 3 in Vs 100?

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