Discussion with Khidr Amari: Introduction

This is a discussion with Khidr Amari whose writings may be found here.

The main topic of this discussion is the Tri-Religious Myth  – the notion that Islam and the Quran – is part of a series of religions originating from Abraham and manifested in the past as Judaism and Christianity. QG disagrees with this position. Its fundamental position is that there has only been one religion and its codification may be found in Quran only. Previous codifications must echo Quran or not be previous codifications at all. This particular dialogue also includes racialist quranism, the notion that Quran supports the specific roles of specific ethnicities, races or nations among humankind. QG also strongly disagrees with this.

Our video introduction to the debate may be found here.

This dialogue opens with two fundamental questions:

1. Who are Bani Israil?  (latest post made 1/5/14)

2. What is At-Tawraat? (latest post made 1/5/4)

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