Discussion with Khidr Amari: What Is At-Tawraat

Khidr: The Tawrah says Elohim led the Children of Israel through the way of the wilderness of the Red sea

Khidr: Again, Bani Israel are not just a call to humanity the call is to a particular group / nation / ethnic group that came from a particular lineage.

In the Tawrah we are told that Jacob Goes to Egypt

Khidr: Again, Bani Israel are not just a call but its a call in Qur’an to the descendants of Jacob / Israel.

In the Tawrah / Tanakh Israel is the elected / chosen from among alamin / nations:

Farouk: I have to dispute the identity of the book you call ‘Tawrah’ here. If you mean to identify the ‘Tawrah’ you mentioned with ‘at-tawraat’ Quran, I will need to ask for evidence, please.

Following the identification that the Tawrah you mentioned is ‘at-tawraat’ in Quran, this information (regarding) Jacob will need to be provided as well.

Please note at this point that you had to cross the bridge from Quran to ‘Tawrah’ before identifying ‘bani israil’ to be a particular race. This being the case, perhaps it is good to ask why Quran itself doesn’t have that identification. Why do we need to ‘cross’ books to get this information?

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