Dialogues: On the issue of ‘messenger for all times’ (with Kashif Shahzada)

Kashif Shehzada rhetorically asks this question: Is Muhammad (p), a Messenger of all times? Does he keep reincarnating since day one, in the past, present and the future, appearing in the person and the body of various individuals?

My response: These two questions form a non sequitur. Believing that muhammad is ‘a messenger of all time’ does not entail this reincarnation process.

Kashif: The expression “Messenger of all times” does not find its origin in the Arabic Qur’an. Such a statement being non-existent in the Book is also refuted by numerous Qur’anic Ayaat themselves. When Allah wants us to make something part of our belief then He clearly and unambiguously mentions it in the Qur’an

My response: Correct that the actual phrase (rasul min kulli zaman – messenger of all times) does not exist in Quran. Does that mean the idea itself is not present? Quran very clearly tells us that:
1. there is no change in the words of Allah
2. there is no change in way of Allah
3. the stories of the messeners are examples and a detailing of all things (12/111).

Kashif: The Qur’an very clearly mentions that advent of Muhammad was after the departure of Jesus and not before, thus he is God’s messenger for mankind sent after Jesus and not present continuously on earth from the beginning of time

My response: Quite strangely, despite Kashif’s emphasis above that the actual phrase ‘messenger of all times’ needs to be actually said. In this case, the verse he quoted (61/6) does not have the word ‘muhammad’ but rather ‘ahmad’. Kashif has not given any reason for equivocating the two. To my knowledge, he does not accept hadith yet he used Traditionalist teachings to vindicate his reasoning.

To be continued…


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