QAHB – The First Mention of Isa in Quran

The Quranic personality *isa* is one of the most mentioned in Quran. He is mentioned twenty-five times, the same as *adam*. It is possible that the reason for this is that *isa* is the means whereby we can achieve the state of *adam*, which is the garden on the earth. This is no coincidence between the state of *isa* is like that of *adam* (3/61) and that *isa* eventually attains a garden-like state (23/50).

The first mention of *isa* is very early in Quran, in Ch 2 Vs 87. This verse lies in the second call to bani israil, the aspect of humanity moving towards liberation from oppression. This second call is the longest (from Vs 47-103) and details how bani israil may achieve the state of *sulaimaan* (Vs 102-103). *isa* is part of this process.

*isa* appears in a passage starting with Vs 84:

And [recall] when We took your covenant, [saying], “Do not shed each other’s blood or evict one another from your homes.” Then you acknowledged [this] while you were witnessing.
Then, you are those [same ones who are] killing one another and evicting a party of your people from their homes, cooperating against them in sin and aggression. And if they come to you as captives, you ransom them, although their eviction was forbidden to you. So do you believe in part of the the system and disbelieve in part? Then what is the recompense for those who do that among you except disgrace in worldly life; and on the Day of Resurrection they will be sent back to the severest of punishment. And Allah is not unaware of what you do.
Those are the ones who have bought the life of this world [in exchange] for the Hereafter, so the punishment will not be lightened for them, nor will they be aided.

The commands in the above passage is essentially about social harmony and not to exploit or cause harm to people simply to attain short term benefit. It is at this point that *isa* is mentioned:

And We did certainly give *musa* the system and followed up after him with messengers. And We gave *isa*, clarifications and supported him with the holy spirit. But is it [not] that every time a messenger came to you,with what your souls did not desire, you were arrogant? And a party you denied and another party you killed. (2/87)

*isa* is said to be given clarifications and supported with the holy spirit. These clarifications are towards this state of social harmony mentioned in the passage. He is supported by the holy spirit which allows for a sanctified understanding of revelation (as per 16/97-103).

What can we attain from the story *isa* in its first mentioning? We can undertand that the clarifications of the messenger are geared towards removing oppression and creating social harmony. In doing so, we attain the aid of the holy spirit. This holy spirit will bring us closer with signs and bring us to a greater understanding of revelation.

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