The Second Action Plan to The Divine Sociology of Israel: A Study of Ch 2 Vs 153-167)

The structure of Quran’s Chapter 2 is amazing in its facilitation for the Reader to acquire a deep understanding. We have seen how Ch 2 is segmented into two broad sections (2/21-167 and 2/168-283) divided according to calls to people. The first of these sections (2/21-167) contains three calls (2/40, 2/47 and 2/122) to bani israil, the movement seeking a higher plane of existence. These calls represent a treatises for humanity to achieve preferentiality over creation. After two of these calls, we find calls to those who have believed in these treatises(2/104 and 2/153). These calls represent action plans to preceding treatises. In this essay, we will examine the second of these (2/104-121). This passage is also the second call to those who have believed in the entire Quran.

This passage opens with a call to thos who have believed in the second divine sociology of israel (shown in 2/122-152). The first thing these people are told is to seek an optimum state with endurance and connecting (to that which brings optimum performance). This obviously take hard work and commitment and so they are told not to consider such people as ‘dead’. Indeed they are truly alive (2/154). They will experience various kinds of losses in this course (2/155) but they are to remember that they are for Allah and they will return to Him (2/156). People who do this are said to have connections from their Lord and it is they who will progress (2/157). The states experienced in this process will be a lack of fertility as well as hydration and they are among means to percieve Allah. These are for the people who challenge systems of justice and are establishing themselves. They are to create a state of choicefulness in society (2/158).

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