Chapter Breakdowns – 6 (Al-Anaam)

6/1-18: Fundamental metaphysics

6/19-30: First occurence of the whole Quran as a concept

6/30-73: more metaphysics

6/74-83: ibrahim’s experience in discovering Allah

6/84-90: the enumeration of the nabiyoon

6/91-94: the second occurence of the Quran as ‘this book’

6/95-99: Allah’s role with natural phenomena

6/100-117: Allah’s communcation with us

6/118-129:  explanation of the system

6/130-150: first call to the congregation of ins and jinn

6/151-160: the straight path (includes the third mention of Quran as ‘this book’)

6/161-165: the final summation with ibrahim

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