Exercises – Chapter Group Analysis

Quran is a highly structured text. One of its strongest textual features is the chapter group. These are chapters connected in terms of themes or other salient features. In this series of exercises, we will analyze the known groups o chapters to dig deeper into their meanings.

We will begin with the first Revelation-Centred Group. This comprises Ch 10-15. It would be prudent for you to read these chapters before attempting these exercises below –

1. What element related to revelation is in Ch 10 but not Ch 11?

2. Ch 12 is a long narrative about the personality Yusuf? Why is Ch 12 placed after Ch 10 and 11?

3. Ch 13 mentions ‘hukman ‘arabiyan’ (faultless decision or governance) in Vs 37. Why is this verse mentioned here?

4. Ch 14 mentions the parable of the wholesome and unwholesome words (14/24-27). What does this say about Ch 14’s role in this group?

5. Ch 15 begins and ends with Quran itself (15/1 and 15/87, 91). Why is this reminder of Quran’s role placed here?


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