musa in Chapter 7

24.1 – 7/103: after the destruction of the cities, Allah ‘resurrects’ *musa* with his signs towards firauns and his dictators

25.2 – 7/104: he says to firaun, i am a messenger from the lord of the worlds.

26.3 – 7/115: the magicians tell *musa* to throw his staff

27.4 – 7/117: Allah inspires *musa* to throw down his staff

28.5 – 7/122: the magicians say ‘lord of *musa* and *haroon*’

29. 6 – 7/127: firaun asks if the people would leave *musa* and his people to do fasad/discord

30.7 – 7/128: *musa* says to his people who asta3inoo billah with endurance. This will bring inheritance of the land

31.8 – 7/131: the people of egypt saw a bad omen with *musa* when badness afflicted them

32.9 – 7/134: when affliction came to his people, they told him to invoke his lord to alleviate their suffering

33.10 – 7/138: his own people told him to set up images like the people they chanced upon.

34.11 – 7/142: *musa* is promised ‘thirty nights’ and ‘ten’

35.12 – 7/142: *musa* tells *haroon* how to rule in his absence

36.13 – 7/143: *musa* came to the appointed him and his lord spoke to him

37.14 – 7/143:  *musa* falls when facing the tajalli of his rabb

38.15 – 7/144: *musa* was chosen by Allah for his words and messages

39.16 – 7/148: the people of *musa* took the ‘calf’ after his departure

40.17 – 7/150:  *musa* returns to his people with anger and grief

41.18 – 7/154: *musa* takes up the tablets when his anger subsides

42.19 – 7/155: *musa* chooses ’70 people’ for an appointment with Allah

43.20 – 7/159: from the people of *musa* is an ummah which guides by truth and justice

44.21 – 7/160: *musa* is inspired to separate the stone with his staff to create a condition where society is enfolded.

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