musa in Ch 26

87.1 – 26/10: musa is called to go to the ‘oppressing people’ (qawm azh-zhalimeen)

88.2 – 26/43: musa calls them to throw his staff first what they would throw

89.3 – 26/45: musa throws his staff and it swallows their lies

90.4 – 26/48: the magicians calls Allah the lord of musa and haroon26/52: Allah inspires musa to travel with his servants

91.5 – 26/52: musa is inspired by Allah to travel with His servants, they will be pursued

92.5 – 26/61: bani israil are called ‘ashabu musa’ when conflict is imminent

93.6 – 26/63: musa is told to split the sea with his staff

94.7 – 26/65 : Allah saves musa and those with him

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