isa in Chapter 5

12.1 – 5/17: Allah is said to be al-maseeh ibn maryam (al-maseeh ibn maryam)

13.2- 5/17: who has the power to stop Allah if he intends to destroy al-maseeh ibn maryam (al-maseeh ibn maryam)

14.3 – 5/46: isa is said to be in the footsteps of the rasool, confirming the tawraat and given the injeel in it is guidance and light and confirming what is between his two hands from the tawraat  (isa)

15.4 – 5/72: those who conceal say Allah is al-maseeh ibn maryam. (al-maseeh ibn maryam)

16.5 – 5/72: said al-maseeh to bani israil, serve Allah (al-maseeh)

17.6 – 5/75: al-maseeh ibn maryam was not but a rasool. rasool passed before him (al-maseeh ibn maryam)

18.7 – 5/78: those who conceal the system of the messengers are cursed by the tongues of dawood and isa ibn maryam (isa)

19.8 – 5/110: isa is asked Allah to vivify the bounties where he given capacities through ruh al-qudus, taught al-kitab wal-hikmah wat-tauraat wal-injeel, given the ‘miracles’ (isa ibn maryam)

20.9 – 5/112: the hawariyoon asked isa to bring ‘the table’ from heaven (isa ibn maryam)

21.10 – 5/114: isa asked Allah to descend the table so they may have a celebration.(isa ibn maryam)

22.11 – 5/116: isa is asked by Allah if he asked mankind to take his mother and he as gods besides Allah. (isa ibn maryam)

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