Exercises – QSOB Generator 5

Achieving the Quranic State of Being (QSOB) is the objective of reading Quran. This is a state in which the Reader is fully in tune with Being and will come to understand the reality of Allah. In this series of exercises, we hope to show you how to induce the QSOB. Our methods are not infallible but worth trying anyway as the results are worthwhile.

We will begin with inducing QSOB through the beginnings of chapters. Apart from aya zero (the basmalah formula), the beginnings of chapters prepare us to receive the meanings of its entirety. Thus special care should be take to understand them.

We will continue by looking at Ch 3 Vs 1-7

Ch 3 begins with alif laam meem (questioning, focusing, enacting). Then the attribute of Allah as one who gives life and establish. This is then linked with measures of revelation given in truth (al-kitab bil haqq). Then we come to the descent of the ignition and the verdant, which are applications of this revelation. It then takes us to the criteria which comes before these process and to those who reject this process. In 3/6, we come to a metaphor where Allah compares this process with evolution in the womb. Finally, 3/7 tells us how we build our own ‘book’, which is the understanding of our own signs.

Take a minute to contemplate this process. Think of Allah as your teacher and evolver. How He establishes you. Think of how you respond to this revelation by acting and experiencing the result. Think of seeing decisive sign in your life and being guided. Now open your eyes.

How do you feel?

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