Exercises – QSOB Generator 6

Achieving the Quranic State of Being (QSOB) is the objective of reading Quran. This is a state in which the Reader is fully in tune with Being and will come to understand the reality of Allah. In this series of exercises, we hope to show you how to induce the QSOB. Our methods are not infallible but worth trying anyway as the results are worthwhile.

We will begin with inducing QSOB through the beginnings of chapters. Apart from aya zero (the basmalah formula), the beginnings of chapters prepare us to receive the meanings of its entirety. Thus special care should be take to understand them.

We continue further by looking at Ch 18 Vs 1-6.

Consider the following by closing your eyes and meditating upon them slowly. Ch 18 begins with the tahmeed, a feeling of great joy, thankfulness and positivity for Allah. Why? Because He descended upon his slave a writ (perhaps a message, command, system) and allowed therein no crookedness. This writ will stand on its own and bring a change by warning people of an intense conflict between good and evil but for those who act righteously, they will find a beautiful reward and remain in that state forever.

Meditate on this. And then, it mentions those who say Allah has a favourite. The ones who do this oppress their own souls since they do not believe in the totality of the event of Allah descending a writ. Meditate on the writ and the direct connection with Allah without an intermediate favourite. Open your eyes.

How do you feel?



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