QAHB – Nuh and The Metaphor of the Ark

Nuh is one of the major personalities in Quran, whose name appears 43 times in the text. Although his mentioned in Ch 3, 4 and 6, his first exposition comes in Ch 7 Vs 59-64. In this exposition, nuh is introduced as one sent by Allah to warn people of penalty of a momentous day. The dictators of people consider him to be in a clear error. He replies that, rather than that, he is a messenger from the worlds. He is simply passing the messages of His Lord and advising them based on the fact that he knows but they do not. They deconfirmed his project and were drowned due to their essential blindness.

How is the the metaphor of the ark (or ship) applied today. Clearly, even though Allah wishes us to copy the messengers (12/111), He is not expecting us to build ships of our own! The point is for us to understand how this metaphor operates in our own live so we may apply it and produce the best of deeds (67/2).

Let us think about a ship. What does it do it for us? A ship is one which carries its passengers. It keep its passengers from being drowned by the water surrounding it and from above. It should have a supply of sustenance within it as well. This ship is called the ‘house’ (71/28) and therefore should have this quality of a home as well. It should shelter and protect and provide stability to its passengers.

This metaphor should map back to human beings and our socio-economic systems. All our systems should carry all people safely and be able to sustain them so that they may be able to survive in hostile conditions. This is the nuh process in Quran.

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