Exercises – QSOB Generator 7

Achieving the Quranic State of Being (QSOB) is the objective of reading Quran. This is a state in which the Reader is fully in tune with Being and will come to understand the reality of Allah. In this series of exercises, we hope to show you how to induce the QSOB. Our methods are not infallible but worth trying anyway as the results are worthwhile.

We will begin with inducing QSOB through the endings of chapters. Apart from aya zero (the basmalah formula) and the beginnings of chapters, the endings of chapters help prepare us to receive the meanings of the chapter of its entirety. Thus special care should be take to understand them.

We will begin with Ch 2 Vs 284-286

At the end of Ch 2, when we have imbibed the entire system of peace, we come to the summary of this chapter as formulated by 2/284-286. These three verses focus on the soul and imaan (belief, trust, conviction0. Let us close our eyes and focus on these three verses.

284 tells us that whatever in our soul whether we hide or manifest it, it will be used to account us with. With the right contents, our souls could afford us divine protection

285 tells us to believe with Allah, the writs, the messengers, the angels and the period to come. Our souls must connect with these five in order to achieve that state

286 tells us that the soul (and it goes back to the soul) is not burdened beyond its capacity. The soul has ever expanding limits and this is increased by struggling in the path through Allah’s aid.

Contemplate on these three verses and rethink the project of Ch 2. How do you see Ch 2 now?

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