Sections of Quranology

An Explanation of the Sections of Quranology
This website aims to be a study of Quran which is as comprehensive as possible. However, it recognises that it will always remain a subjective approach. It hopes to cover this study from a number of angles:

Introduction Essays – Essays which will familiarise you with Quran, Quranology and the QG process. This is essential for you to get maximum benefit from this site.

Textual Study – A study of the ayat/verses of Quran in themselves up close. How words relate to each other. How sentences relate to each other. Essentially the continuity of Quran as text.

Word Study – A study of the lexicon of Quran. How are each words used through out the text. This section is divided into 3 subsections:
 – Big Words – Words which number into the hundreds at the very least.
– Medium Words – Words which number into the tens.
– Small Words – Words which are only a few in number

Phrase Study – Studying two or more words joined together as phrases. This is different from word studies but helps understand words as well.

Sentence Study – A sentence is made up of phrases making an intelligible point. There are sentences repeated across chapters.

Chapters Study – A chapter is defined as the text between two basmalahs. This section is made up of a number of subsections:
– Chapter Breakdowns: A sectioning of each chapter according to calls or stages or themes
– Chapter Notes: A study of the themes and unique factors in each chapter.
– Chapter Groups: A study of how consecutive chapters relate to each other
– Chapter Heirarchies: A study of how chapters relate in terms of thematic heirarchies.

Conceptual Study – Studies on concepts which group, differentiate or tie together Quranic words. The concept of ‘personality’ for example has about 30 odd words (like ibrahim, nuh, adam).

Quran and Human Being (QAHB) – A series of self-contained essays aimed at explaining a particular aspect of its teachings. The idea is immediate application by the readers.

Quranology Conversations – A series of essays which talk about approaching Quran. It will talk about comparitive approaches, explore issues and other subjects aimed at maximising reading.

Arabic – How Quran constructs and structuralises its own linguistic norms

Translation – A project aimed at translating Quran into English according to 3 modes:
– Mode A: Where minimal words in the translation. Footnotes are not included.
– Mode B: Where a conservative number of words are used but footnotes are included.~
– Mode C: Where enough words are used to convey understanding of the translator.

Quranology Television (QGTV): A list of all the videos we have produced. Arranged according to topics.


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  1. I read your article ‘The Convenient Excuse insulting and defending Islam’ in the Critical Muslim and found it very interesting. I’m a none Muslim, with an extended Pakistani Muslim family living in Nottingham UK. I’m keen to learn about your religion and how ‘Muslims think’ can you assist, your web page appears to be the answer I have needed. Any suggestion will be welcome. I’m 82, male and living in Dudley West Midlands. Thank You, Mike Cathcart

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