How I Arrived Here

This blog represents a new beginning for me. I hope for it to be the last of my new beginnings as I have had many false starts in noting down my thoughts (for as long as 12 years, if you can believe that).

I think I first started with a site called al-muslimeen. Can’t even remember the actual address or what I put in it but it was in the year 2000.

I then moved on to which was quite rudimentary although it had the term ‘quranist’ in it (as in ‘Interview with a Quranist’). That’s actually recoverable in the Internet Archives.

I tried my hand at the Adamism forum in 2006 or so which failed to take off.

Then came Quranist Islam in 2008 before I moved on to a whole new methodology together.

Which brings us here. now.

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