Small Words

ا (alif)

ا – alif
ا  ب ب – alif ba ba /pasture /vegetation
ا ب ق / ran away 
ا ب ل / resisted/ withstood 
ا ب ى / refuse 
ا ث ث / provision / equipment 
ا ث ر / effect / remnant 
ا ث ل / Well-rooted
ا ج ج / bitter  
  ا د د  / evil / horrible 
ا د ي /compensate
ا ذ ي  / hurt

2 Responses to Small Words

  1. Sub Retd Said Ali KHan says:

    I want to know as to shy different tafseers carries different hadiths and rawayats from SAHABA where the period of the Prophethood is very small. Tafseer ibe katheer differs totally from Tafseer Dure Mansoor.
    In para 5 in the very first AYA, according to Dure Mansoor a word “AJALUN MUSAMMA” was in the MUSAHAF of Ibne Msood but is not here now. I can write a dozen of such ayaths which according to Ibne Abbas , he used to read these in Ibne Masood’s Mosahaf, and is silent as to why not held in the present Quraan.

    I have lot of question unanswered.

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