Momentous Events: Pt 5 (Ch 5 and 6)

Ch 5/116-120: End time with Isa.  The phrase ‘wa kuntu alaihim shahidan ma dumtu fihim’ (and I was a witness over them while i dwelled with them).

Hadha yawm is mentioned (this day) and the sadiqeen (confirmers) will benefit from their confirmation.

Khalideena fiha abada is mentioned.

Radhi Allahu anhum is mentioned

Fawz al-azhim is mentioned.

This definitely looks like a post-time judgement scenario.

Chapter 6:

12: Yawm al-qiyamah is mentioned but its ilaa yawm al-qiyamah. Allah has inscribed mercy on himself that he may gather us towards yawm al-qiyamah.

15: yawmin adhiim is used.
16: yawma’idhin (that day) Allah’s rahmah will save us.

22: One day Allah will gather those who reject asking where are their partners.

31-32: meeting Allah, the hour is upon them. Hayat ad-dunya (the life of this world) . Dar al-akhirah is contrasted with this.

36: the dead will be yab3ath (raised) and then returned to Him.

51: they will be gathered and besides Allah, they will have no protector nor intercessor.

60-62: yab3ath is shown to be by day (thus adding another layer of meaning to it) until ‘qadha ajalin musamma’ (until the term appointed. 61 uses the word ‘tawaffa’ to show death. They are then returned to God.

128 mentions jinn and ins being gathered as a ‘ma3shar’ after their term appointed (once again implying post death)

130: messengers were sent to these people but they were neglectful. Hayat ad-dunya is said to be distracting.

It seems that chapter 6 unambigiously speaks of a post-world judgement.

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2 Responses to Momentous Events: Pt 5 (Ch 5 and 6)

  1. What about Chapter 43 and he shall be a Sign for the coming of the Hour
    There is a Guy He is a Professor for Aramaic steve caruusco or something like that maybe he can shed some light on it as well with the Words!

  2. Moses says:

    I think the pre-occupation with “the end of times” for me became less relevent after I accepted my mortality and the inevitability of judgement day. My life will end when it ends and after that I no longer have any control. My effort is to understand how to prosper while I still have some control

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