My friend Qamar pointed out another ayah, thanks to yesterday’s post about ghaith (in 42/28), which uses another word to mean God’s blessing. That word is atha’i and appears in 17/20. This prompted me to think about the words I know which broadly mean blessing/gift/bounty:

1. Rizq

2. Alaa’i (appears like 30 times in ch. 55)

3. Fadhl

4. Ajr (more like recompense, this one)

5. Atha’i

6. Ghaith

i will add more as time passes.

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2 Responses to Gettings

  1. Asfora says:

    How about niʿ’mata in 2:211 to add to your list

  2. haha, i left out the most obvious one. Thanks !

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