QSOB Generator Exercise 8

Achieving the Quranic State of Being (QSOB) is the objective of reading Quran. This is a state in which the Reader is fully in tune with Being and will come to understand the reality of Allah. In this series of exercises, we hope to show you how to induce the QSOB. Our methods are not infallible but worth trying anyway as the results are worthwhile.

We will continue with inducing QSOB through the endings of chapters. Apart from aya zero (the basmalah formula) and the beginnings of chapters, the endings of chapters help prepare us to receive the meanings of the chapter of its entirety. Thus special care should be take to understand them.

We will continue with Ch 3 Vs 200.

3/200 can be said to be the summation not only of Ch 3 but of Ch 2 and 3 together. Ch 2 begins with the concept of prosperity (falah) and 3/200 ends with the same idea. Please take a minute and slowly read 3/200 now. Think about the following.

3/200 begins with a call to those who believed. These people believed in the entirety of Ch 3’s action program (3/100-199).

Or perhaps..

they believed in the whole of Ch 3 up to this point (3/1-199)

Or perhaps…they believed in the entirety of Ch 2 AND Ch 3

They are told to endure and keep enduring. Can you feel the idea of endurance. Double it.

They are told to fortify themselves. What does being fortified feel like to you?

They are told to be preservant against Allah (His tests). Think of His trials and tribulations in you life. What do you feel?

If you do all the above, you may attain growth and prosperity.

Open your eyes. How do you feel?


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